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We were very proud to be nominated for the Sunshine Coast Environmental Awards in 2001 just two years after inception.

In 2003 we won the Sunshine Coast Environmental Awards for best ‘Waste Minimisation Initiative’, in 2007 we received a ‘Highly Commended Award’ in recognition for our positive contribution to Waste Minimisation and in 2008 we again won a ‘froggie’ for Waste Minimisation. In 2008 as a result of our nomination to the Channel 10 /Telstra Environment Awards we were very proud to have Brite Side Industries featured as a local news item.

As well as presentations and providing information about the Brite Side model to other communities, Glenda is frequently asked to give presentations to local and wider ranging groups, for example Rotary, numerous TV and Newspaper presentations, and presentations about Brite Side at the 2007 and 2008 Jobs Australia National Conferences.

Most recently, Brite Side was included in a Jobs Australia publication launched by the Hon. Julia Gillard, – ‘Forces at Work’: How 10 Non-Profits tackled unemployment and more in their communities.

To assist and promote resource recovery across the Sunshine Coast region, in June 2009 Brite Side donated a handcrafted piece of furniture to the World Environment Day Festival at the Sunshine Coast University. This unique bench was made from recovered timber and other recycled materials.

In June 2009, Noosa Community Training Centre Inc/Brite Side Industries were very thrilled to receive a Queensland Sustainable Industries Award:

Recognising an individual business that has demonstrated the value of working in partnership with government and community stakeholders to achieve sustainability benefit and community value.

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